Episode 209: Taylor Swiss

On this week’s show we discuss: Multiple celebrity deaths, Alison Mack arrested (like we told you would happen), Marvel’s Phase Four movie plans, North Korea, why you shouldn’t send your kids to college and much more no Top 10 this… Read More

Episode 208: Jimmy King

On this week’s show we discuss: The Starfire controversy. Did Star Wars cause 9/11? Stan Lee. The Humboldt Broncos tragedy.  Zuckerberg v. America. War with Russia and Syria and much more our Top 10 this week is songs used in movies and as always, we will… Read More

Episode 207: WrestleMania

On this week’s show we discuss: Allison Mack sex cult, PETA Terrorist shoots up YouTube, Facebook sells your privacy, Dan Schneider gone from Nick, Ren and Stimpy creator in trouble, Conor McGregor and the UFC clusterfuck, The Stan Lee saga gets even… Read More