Episode 198: #TheyAllKnew

On this week’s show: The return of the XFL, Enzo fired, Gender swapped Reboots, Oscars, Razzies, Justice League: No Justice, Royal Rumble predictions, Famous musicians calling it quits and much more. Our Top 10 this week is catchy commercial jingles and as always, we will answer your listener… Read More

Episode 197: Shut it down

On this week’s show: Government shut down, FISA memo, Nancy Pelosi on a reality show, Universal’s Dark Universe may not be dead after all, Spider-Man’s greatest enemy is no more, WWE possibly for sale, Jets player threatens rape of a cop’s wife,… Read More

Episode 196: President NOprah

On this week’s show: Oprah as President. Stan Lee a dirty old man? Harvey Weinstein attacked. Mark Wahlberg pay controversy. R&B singer vs. Tranny. The passing of the voice of college football. The coolest monkey in the jungle controversy. Top 10 this week is… Read More

Episode 195: Bomb Cyclone

On this week’s show: Logan Paul, Swatting, #MeToo the tv show, a shakeup in leadership of DC movies, Wrestle Kingdom, Stan Lee robbed and Rich Rod screwed by Arizona. First show of the new year means it’s time for our annual Dead Pool picks and as always, we will answer… Read More