Episode 190: Lazy Eye Samurai

On this week’s show: CBS’s Charlie Rose busted, Harley Quinn adult animated series, Trouble at Pixar, DC’s Doomsday Clock, Kevin Smith returns to comics, Health of Kamala, Eminem is a whiny bitch and much more. No Top 10 this week instead we… Read More

Episode 189: Senator Hypocrite

On this week’s show: Al Franken busted, Joe Biden having to be kept away from females by Secret Service, Lena Dunham flip flops, a new Marvel EIC, more Hollywood accusations, Survivor Series predictions, GQ’s Man of the Year, Battlefront 2 and much more. Our… Read More

Episode 188: The Ballad of Louis C.K.

On this week’s show: The church shooting in Texas, This week in Hollywood sexual assaults starring Louis C.K. and someone you would never guess, Big news about the Disney streaming service, JCVD gets into a fight with the Green Power Ranger, Big name writer leaving Marvel for… Read More

Episode 187: Scum and Villainy

On this week’s show: Kevin Spacey, Dustin Hoffman, Brett Rattner, Jeremy Piven, Danny Masterson, more reboots, a mass ref exodus from Impact Wrestling, World Series Champs and much more. Our Top 10 this week is live action dogs from movies, and as always, we will answer your… Read More