Episode 186: Halloween – World Series Racism

On this week’s show: Hollywood steals another idea from the show, more sexual assault claims against celebs, JFK files released, Texans owner apologizes for a figure of speech, the passing of Robert Guillaume and Fats Domino, Ronda Rousey to WWE, World Series racism… Read More

Episode 185: Hide your SPAM

On this week’s show: We talk about more horrible news from Hollywood, A Magnum P.I. reboot that nobody wants, the illness running through WWE and its effects on WWE TLC, an actual good NFL story, Jim Davis of Garfield fame does a Marvel comic, The Uranium… Read More

Episode 184: Burn Hollywood Burn

On this week’s show: We talk about just how horrible a place Hollywood is, Scott Snyder’s last Batman story, ESPN crying racism again, Eminem running his mouth and much more. The Top 10 this week is things you would buy… Read More

Episode 183: Las Vegas

On this week’s show: We talk about the Las Vegas shooting and the fallout, NYCC news including a shouting match between retailers and Marvel brass, Harvey Weinstein’s sexual harassment mess, Why ESPN/Disney didn’t fire or suspend Jamel Hill, Rock and Roll HoF nominations, our WWE… Read More

Episode 182: Pittsburgh Kneelers

On this week’s show: Gender Swapped Reboots, long awaited sequels, Avengers “No Surrender” weekly event, More NFL & NBA crap, WWE vs. Young Bucks and the answer to who killed Tupac. Our Top 10 this week is Fiction Books and… Read More