Episode 177: Protect Free Speech

On this week’s show: The attack on Free Speech hits close to home. We talk about the passing of the King of Comedy Jerry Lewis & the passing of horror icon Tobe Hooper, Jon Jones busted for steroids again, the Mac-Mayweather fight & all your entertainment… Read More

Episode 176: Bring of CW 2

On this week’s show: Stautes and history attacked, Game of Thornes leaked by HBO, Deadpool 2 death on set, Ric Flair’s health, WWE Summerslam predictions, ESPN’s Fantasy auction causes cries of racism and much more. The Top 10 this week is Underrated movies of… Read More

Episode 175: Charlottesville’s Web

On this week’s show we discuss:  Charlottesville. Glen Campbell’s passing, the NETFLIX – Disney divorce, return of David Letterman, reboots and spinoffs, Magnum TA vs. Disney plus much more. The Top 10 this week is Spoof Movies and as always we will answer your listener questions and… Read More

Episode 174: Eric Bowling’s Balls

On this week’s show we discuss: The return of Cobra Kai, Pete Rose and Tom Wopat in trouble, NJ man at the Emoji Movie, WWE cutting costs and a world record sports contract. The Top 10 this week is Weapons from Movies or TV Shows and… Read More