Episode 155: iGov1984

On this week’s show we discuss: An Autistic Puppet, The Power Rangers, DC Comics lead into their big summer event, A Tranny weightlifter and the passing of JR’s wife. Our Top 10 this week is our favorite albums… Read More

Episode 154: Fappening 2.Oh

On this week’s show we discuss: Paige from WWE’s Sex Scandal, Snoop vs. Trump, Amy Schumer still unfunny, Passing of Chuck Berry and New director for Man of Steel 2. Plus our Top 10 will be scandal celebrities… Read More

Real Episode 153: Samantha Beeyotch

On this week’s show we discuss: Samantha Bee mocking a cancer patient, Iron Fist getting hate for staying true to the source material, Sam Jackson says Brits are taking American jobs, DC Comics and Amazon possibly putting together… Read More

Episode 153: Eddie “Monster” Winslow

On this week’s show we discuss:┬áMr. T having the need to dance, X-Men & Inhumans Casting, Could Beauty & The Beast be banned in Russia, Emerald City Comic Con news, The Bolivian Government hates Ubisoft, Now you can… Read More