Episode 147: Women’s March of Crimes

On this week’s show we discuss: The passing of two acting legends. More people hating on Barron Trump. The Oscar nominations, our Royal Rumble picks, and celebrities that think violence is fine if you have an alternate opinion on… Read More

Episode 146: Protest This

On this week’s episode: More TV Reboots, Patrick Stewart as shit, Madonna being investigated by the Secret Service, The inauguration, Riots and the Women’s March. We will fan cast Street Fighter plus answer your listener questions Facebook  Twitter  Gab  Website Email:… Read More

Episode 145: Heather Usetadude

On this week’s show we discuss: Meryl Streep’s BS rant at the Golden Globes, Chris Jericho may be the best person in the world, NFL teams on the move, Nintendo switch and a rapper threatening artists who may perform at… Read More

Episode 144: technical difficulties

On this week’s show we have technical difficulties and we discuss: The return of a childhood favorite to Netflix, What will happen to Princess Leia in the next Star Wars, Social Just run amok at Marvel Comics, the… Read More

Episode 143: Show of Death

On this week’s show we discuss: The passing of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, George Michael’s death and the possible death of Rhonda Rousey’s MMA career. We will also do our Dead Pool Draft and answer your listener… Read More